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Since the dawn of time, the medical and dental professions have played a major role in society, helping to lengthen life expectancy, improve the quality of living, and ease the pain and suffering for the greater good. Here in the 21st century and beyond, the landscape has shifted, but these principles remain the same.

Here at Proviser, we support these principles. Whether helping our clients to find a suitable geography in which to practice or helping you to plan for major life changes such as marriage or expanding your practice, we remain committed to helping those who make a career of helping others. Irrespective of geography or jurisdiction, our people bring passion and insights to our clients that earn us accolades from both our clients and the industry. Whether a recent dental school graduate or a veteran in open-heart surgery, you need to know where to go, who to turn to, and most importantly, how to protect yourself and your dreams. You need professionals by your side who knows your business, your strengths, and most importantly, your vision. We are that firm.

Discover smarter investment

Our data-backed approach helps you prepare for retirement at any age. How do you compare?


The recommended savings for a 35 year old with an annual income of $100,000


The recommended savings for a 45 year old with an annual income of $100,000


The recommended savings for a 55 year old with an annual income of $100,000


Your retirement fund at age 65, if you follow our strategy to the left.

source: Investor's Business Daily, 2018

Additional Services

We understand that your time is precious, and appreciate that you want to work with a firm and a team who understands every aspect of your industry. Our years working in the medical and dental profession have yielded a robust network of affiliated service providers who can effectively and efficiently help you on the right path. Whether it's a CPA or a practice attorney, we have performed due diligence by researching and evaluating specialists in every market. It's all right here at Proviser- and we're just a call away.